Tuesday, 29 January 2013

House Full of Cake!

My house is currently awash with baked goods! I had a birthday on Friday and three people made absolutely amazing cakes...

As much as I love cooking, cake decorating seems to be a completely different set of skills - every attempt from me seems to end in nothing but irrational rage and a big sticky mess - so naturally I am filled with wonder and awe at the following and had to share:

This stained glass-effect monster was made by my boyfriend...

 My mum did this one. Clearly the ability to make flawless marzipan roses is not hereditary, as I can definitely not do that.

My friend Glenn made this one - it's a mouse in a wheel of cheese, except he only had pink icing rather than yellow... actually better that way, as it looks a bit like a Clanger....

As about a third of my diet is cake at the moment, I think it would be best if the meals interspersing this cake-feast were as healthy possible... expect next few posts to be Very Healthy Indeed.

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