Monday, 4 February 2013

Delicious Veggie Food at Mildreds, Soho

So, this weekend me and my boyfriend decided to go and have a jolly in our fair capital. I'm usually not London's biggest fan - sensory overload from all the noise, people, traffic, smells and adverts, and a touch of misplaced Northern resentment (grumble grumble Huddersfield would have made a great Olympic venue grumble).
However, not only did we have a brilliant time pootling round the V&A and so on, we also ate one of the best veggie meals out I've ever had.

Mildreds is a long-standing, solely vegetarian restaurant in Soho, London - less than 10 minutes walk away from Piccadilly Circus. They don't take reservations (except for parties), so on a busy night you can end up waiting a while for a table. We were fool enough to go on a Saturday at 8.30 pm, which meant we were waiting for around an hour. There's a bar area where you can wait, getting progressively drunker and hungrier, but it's probably a better idea to go on a week night and avoid it!

Once you do get to the actual food stage, the amount of choice is amazing. I'm probably not the only veggie who has gotten so used to ordering the one vegetarian menu offering by default that it's now really difficult to choose when faced with actual options. There's plenty for vegans too, from mixed mushroom, porcini and ale pie to Sri Lankan sweet potato and cashew nut curry.

 I opted for a crispy polenta with cherry tomatoes and wilted spinach starter, followed by a delicious but none-too-healthy tomato and mozzarella risotto cake. I also went for a pudding, despite feeling like I was dying by that point (portions are pretty generous!) - a pineapple and chilli upside down cake with rum toffee sauce - which was absolutely delicious.

The bill came to around £65 for two of us - including the service charge, which is optional - for three courses and a couple of glasses of wine each. I thought that was pretty good value, especially for London prices!

Would definitely recommend to veggies, vegans and non-veggies alike - and hope some of you pay a visit next time you're in London!

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