Sunday, 10 March 2013

Weekend Brunch Buttermilk Pancakes

There are few better ways to greet the day on a weekend than a stack of thick, American-style pancakes slathered in maple syrup. We're a bit late for Mother's day now, but why not give these a try over Easter bank holiday? 

This recipe is based on Delia's - which can be found here - just veggie-fied (minus lard!). 

If you want to go REALLY American-style, accompany these with some grilled rashers of veggie bacon.

Makes 10 - 14 pancakes, depending how generously you dollop the mixture! 

What you need

150g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
3 eggs 
120ml buttermilk
75ml cold water
oil for frying
maple syrup to serve

- TIP - proper maple syrup is pretty expensive, so if it's bit beyond your budget Lyle's do a maple flavoured golden syrup. Not quite the same, but tastes pretty good and MUCH cheaper.

What to do

Weigh out your flour into a mixing bowl, then add the salt and baking powder.

Measure out the 120ml buttermilk into a jug, then add the 75ml cold water and stir to combine.

Add the buttermilk/water mixture a little at a time into your dry ingredients, whisking after each addition (electric or by hand). 

Add the eggs one at a time, again whisking after each one. To save time, you can just slop all the wet ingredients into the dry without all the little-by-little stuff, it just means your mixture is less likely to be lumpy. 

Heat the oil in a non-stick pan over a high-ish heat. When it's hot enough, add a tablespoon-full of batter per pancake to the pan. 

Each side only needs a couple of minutes so keep a close eye on it. While you're cooking each batch, the rest will keep warm if you put them under the grill on its lowest setting.

Stack em up, drizzle a generous amount of maple syrup over, and enjoy!


  1. YUM! These look delicious - I think pancakes and omelettes are the things I miss most about not having a hob!



  2. Ha I wonder if your George Foreman grill can be adapted for pancake purposes...

  3. Hmmm, I don't think so! They would all drain off where the fat is meant to drain off...